22nd Edition | 3-5 Jun. 2019

China is the largest wine consumer in Asia and top 5 in the world and is set to become the second-largest wine consumer by value in 2020.

For this reason ARVIS SHPK has decided to participate as an exhibitor of Albanian wine at the CHINA INTERWINE  fair that will develop the 22nd edition on 3-5 June 2019. Our company’s goal in this fair is to make local wine known in the wide Chinese market and create a cooperative platform with local merchants. Over 13 years this fair has proven its success by creating opportunities for producers from around the world (Spain, Chile, France, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, USA, Italy, etc.) to enter the Chinese market of 250 million consumers, the biggest market in the world for red wine.

The main activities to be carried out are:

– Sommelier competitions

– Wine degustation

-B2B meetings between manufacturers and importers.

The wines that will represent the local products are from the Rahovec area, known for wine production since 3000 years ago. The Mediterranean continental climate combined with the Mediterranean Stream, makes this a very specific area for vineyards and characterizes it as a specialty for the production of grapes and wines of very high quality. Each winery has a characteristic that gives it another taste of production.

The wineries that will represent our local product are:


Vineyards built since 1953 on the soft shore of Rahovec municipality, today are known for the best wines in Kosovo. It has a production capacity of 10 to 13 million liters of wine a year, accounting for 65% of Kosovo’s production. With an underground cellar with storage capacity of 3 to 5 million liters of wooden barrels, it is considered one of the largest private wineries in Europe. Stone Castle’s wine is also traded across the borders of Europe as well as in the markets of the Balkans, Germany and Switzerland, and being present in the United States to far Africa.

Some of the products produced by the winery:

MERLOT-Dry, red wine, of protected geographical origin, produced by Merlot grapes that grow in the StoneCastle vineyards

AMPHORA RED-Red wine produced by processing Prokupe, Vranac and Gamay grapes, all hand-picked in the Stone Castle vineyards.

KOSOVO FLOWER – Red, semi-sweet, quality wine of protected geographical origin. Produced from Pinot Noir and Vranac  grapes, hand-picked in the Stone Castle vineyards.

RIESLING-Quality dry white wine, of protected geographical origin, made from Riesling grapes, hand-picked in the Stone Castle vineyards.

VRANAC PREMIUM – High quality wine and protected geographical origin. Handpicked grapes have native origin from the Balkans. It is cultivated at an altitude of 350-450 meters in the vineyards of Stone Castle.


The Suhareka vineyards are located in the valley of Suhareka, in the Theranda region. This place has unique characteristics, the shield of the mountains surrounding the valley enables perfect microclimate for grape growing. The winery started its production since 1953 and now reaches around 2 million liters per year, combining the experience with the most advanced production technology.

Some of the products produced by the winery:

Gresa-White Wine-Perfect as an aperitif, it is ideal for white meats or salads.

Gresa Red Wine – Perfect combination of grapes to achieve unique taste. Enjoy the best with white and red meats and cheese.

Italian Riesling – Perfect for light dishes, soups and risotto with herbs, soft cheese.

Vranac-Strongest red wine, ideally enjoyed with red, white meat and ripe cheese.

Rosé-Ideal for summer meals, mashed vegetables, soup and fish.

Chardonnay-Enjoy the best fish, chicken, salads, hors d’oeuvres.

Cabernet Sauvignon- Ideal for barbecue.


Good relationships and permanent contact with embassies, Consulates and Wine Associations form more than 32 countries . Huge date base with more than 48,372 importers and distributors, in a city with nearly 110 million inhabitants.

Abundant resources

Highest quality buyers

Strategical Position

Professional and international staff

Rich experiences

Not only wine fair-Interwine Consultant is about helping wineries overcome the challenges when entering and expanding in the Chinese market, and offer the latest news of Chinese market.

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