About Us


ARVIS Ltd started its activity in Albania in 2005 as a continuation of activity recently launched in Italy by Islam Isufaj, with the same name and the same founders. ARVIS initially started its activity in Albania as a representative of a giant international glass company – “SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS”, a 350 year-old company in the glass manufacturing industry and with over 180,000 employees.

Increasing day by day, ARVIS today carries out its activity throughout the Albanian territory, including Kosovo and Macedonia. ARVIS represents exclusively the most renowned names of Italian and world companies in the production of beverage packaging solutions.

We work every day with the dedication and mission to provide the highest quality products, offering reliable customer service and guaranteeing business innovation that adds real value to our partners.

Through individual customer projects and state grants, Arvis Ltd has contributed to the development of the largest factories in our country but not only, providing equipment and machinery in the food and beverage industry sector.

With headquarters in Durres and Tirana, in ARVIS we work to supply our customers with technically advanced products. Increasingly, in our day-to-day activities we are geared towards environmental concerns, the needs of the local community and the workforce, aiming at a maximum quality of life for everyone.